Have you heard the news lately? Apparently, the global temperature rose by +2% since 1850 🌑
Planet Earth Year 2025, Deep Sea Year 175, Planet Mars Year 1 - Discover the world as we know it.
Groceries delivery, aliens, cryptocurrency, recruitment, LVMH, Human Care & the cloud.
Responsible Digital consumption, Sports Marketing, Reach 100% Recyclable, IPO and future of dating and free databases & πŸ“Š 30 Trends + πŸ’» 20 Products…
Cryptocurrencies, Eating Disorders, Entrepreneurs as a service, Fintech + Social, Restaurants of the future, Collaborative Spacial Design, Ecommerce …
Don’t worry, my aircraft is secured, not like the Chinese that ended up into the Ocean, on Sunday πŸ’₯
Make Entertainment fun again, in the 21st century 🍿
Let's build the future of trends together!
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